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UGC Must-Haves for Content Creators

User-Generated Content or "UGC" is known for it's organic and personal approach to product reviews. It's made for consumers, BY consumers. You can start your UGC journey with just you phone, but these products will help you get started and make creating content so much easier!

Tiktok made this product go viral and it's no wonder why! This tripod is sleek, lightweight and can fit right in your purse. It can be used as a selfie stick or a stand alone tripod that can stretch to 60 inches and makes it easy to create content anywhere you are.

This all in one ring light & tripod is compact and portable, making it easy to create content anywhere in your home. Set up is super easy and when you're done it's easy to store and keep out your way.

This selfie light will change you picture taking skills. You don't have to worry about bad lighting no matter where you are, just hook this light up to your phone for studio quality lighting at your fingertips. You can even hook it up to the back of you phone to use as a fill light for taking photos of products or other people.

This ring light is a super cute addition to your purse. It can clip onto your phone for selfies, or you can stand it on a table or desk for portrait style photos.

This mini fur rug comes in pink or white and is an easy way to create a luxury backdrop for products, jewelry and more!



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