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My Skincare Routine for Living in the Desert

One year ago I made the biggest move of my life. I left the hustle and bustle of New York City to the desert landscape of Las Vegas. What I didn’t realize was I’d have to leave a lot of my old skincare habits behind. Growing up in what is actually considered a subtropical climate, I was always trying to combat my oily skin. Everything matte, powdery, and oil-free was in my bathroom cabinet. But within my first week of living in the desert, my oily skin was dry, flaky and tight. My skincare routine only made it worse and I realized all these years my skin was a result of the environment! I spent my whole life trying to keep my face as dry and matte, but now my goal was to keep my face as moisturized as possible. I had to switch around my entire routine just to accommodate my new environment.

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So whether you’re living in a hot and dry climate like me, or you have naturally dry skin this routine will definitely help!

My morning routine:

1. In the morning I like to was my face with this foam based cleanser.

2. I then tone my face with Mustela Micellar Cleansing Water. This gentler toner is actually made for baby’s, making it a great option for sensitive and dry skin.

3. As a serum, I use pure rosehip oil. I take a few drops and rub it all over my face and dab it under my eyes. For me, this step is essential for giving m skin a moisturized base that will last all day.

3. After that, I apply my eye cream, this snail mucus cream from amazon. I lightly dab under my eye and on the lid with my ring finger.

4. To seal in all the moisture I then top it off with Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Moisturizer. It’s light and dries quickly and I love how it keeps my skin feeling moisturized without being too greasy or heavy on my face.

[link pic affiliate] if I am spending any time outdoors, I layer sunscreen on top. Right now I’m loving this mineral sunscreen from amazon, but if you need even more moisture this averno sunscreen is awesome as well!

My nighttime routine:

So I don’t wear makeup on a regular basis, but I will be posting my nighttime routine as I would if I had on a full face that day. If you don’t wear makeup, you can simply skip the first step!

1. So to remove makeup, I start by rubbing a good amount of rosehip oil on my face to breakdown the makeup. I then use a warm washcloth to gently rub off the oil and makeup on my face.

2. After, I double Cleanse my face. Even if you don’t wear makeup, I find that double cleansing is essential to getting off the dirt and oil that accumulated on your face during the day. To double cleanse, I use the combination oil cleanser and foam cleanser from the face shop. The oil cleanser emulsifies with water to wash off. I use the Olay Spin Brush with the foam cleanse for an extra deep clean

3. Now that my face is clean and dry, I follow with my mustela toner.

4. About twice a week I will use a sheet mask. I leave the mask on for about 15 minutes before removing it and rubbing the leftover serum into my face

5. The rest of the week I will first apply a light layer of rosehip oil (I use this amazing oil for everything, can you tell?)

6. I then top it off with my eye cream.

7. For my Final step Before bedtime, I apply a night cream. I’m really loving this one from TonyMoly right now.

This routine leaves my face moisturized 247 without being too greasy. I have combatted all my dry skin issues including flakiness and tight skin with this routine. I’ve linked most of the products here but you can also shop my amazon store to shop all the skincare products for both body and face that I use!



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