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My Favorite Products for Dry Skin

All my life I've dealt with having to manage oily skin, but then I moved to the desert where the hot weather and low humidity introduced me to dry skin! I went from constantly trying to keep myself as dry and matte as possible, to craving moisture and oil every day. All of my old beauty products were practically useless and I've had to build a whole new skincare routine revolving around keeping my skin soft and moisturized.

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Some more tips for dry skin:

  • Apply body lotions to damp skin to help seal in moisture.

  • If you're the type to shower at night, wear breathable pajamas to keep your lotion from rubbing off onto your sheets.

  • Mix oils into your body lotion to add extra hydration without feeling greasy.

  • Exfoliate 1-3x a week to slough off dead, dry skin.

  • Dry brushing can be done daily to gently exfoliate and promote new cell regeneration



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