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Money Saving Tips for Strippers

While stripping might have a reputation for making lots of money, the truth is the upkeep can be expensive. House fees, outfits, makeup and more can all cut into your budget, which is why it’s important budget your expenses. It’s easy to think you need top of the line lingerie or 10 different pairs of shoes, but with these tips you can save money without being cheap.

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Save your house fees and go to work early.

Depending what city you’re in, house fees can run up to $200 or more and get more expensive as the night goes on. Showing up a couple hours early might be the difference between paying $50 and paying $100 in house fees. A lot of girls don’t mind paying hefty house fees because they are going to make the money back, which they usually do! But why put a little more money in your pocket while giving yourself an extra hour or two to make more money?

Pack your lunch

We all need to eat during our shift, and while some clubs serve food as well, you still have to pay even if it’s at a discount. Then there’s the temptation of ordering out, which can cost even more money. Your best bet is to pack a lunch (or dinner) for yourself. If you work 5 days a week, you can easily save $50-100 on food alone. That's a lot of money to spend a month, and that’s not including your personal groceries! No time to cook? Even picking up food before your shift can be cheaper than ordering takeout which will tack on delivery fees and might have a minimum for the order.

Cheapen your manicure/pedicure

Now the easy answer would be just do your own nails and feet! But we need to be realistic, no ones doing that and a lot of us love the glamorous look of fake nails and the pampering of a pedicure. So how can we make this expensive beauty routine a little cheaper? My main thing is- ditch the designs. Acrylics with designs can easily tack on another $50 to your bill, and another hour to your manicure! Save time and money and leave the designs for a special occasion.

Don’t buy from the house moms.

House moms are a staple in every locker room, from providing snacks and accessories to listening to you vent your problems. Many house moms design and sell outfits and other accessories, but from my experience tend to overcharge. I had one house mom who charged $25 for g strings, which is crazy considering you can easily order a pack of 5 for less than $20!

Stock up on lingerie from amazon.

Looking your best doesn’t mean you need the most expensive lingerie. You’re gonna need plenty of different outfits and not all of them need to be agent provocateur or savage fenty. To be honest, most men cannot tell the difference between expensive lingerie and cheaper versions. I have so many outfits from amazon that always got me compliments from both customers and other girls! Sure, sometimes it’s a hit or miss but luckily for you I’ve listed all my outfits on my amazon store, so you can shop lots of cute stripper looks there.

Opt for a taxi service over Uber

If you don’t drive (or choose not to because maybe you drink) than I highly suggest using a taxi service over Uber. Ubers tend to raise prices during busy times and can be unpredictable. There were nights I paid double my normal Uber price to get home. A taxi service will charge you the same price every time. And if they become familiar with you, you can have them scheduled to pick you up at the same time every night.



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