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How I Multiplied my OnlyFans Income in One Month

When I first created my onlyfans, it was just another stream of income for my already established business. My videos and photos were already being sold on other site, and I always saw Onlyfans as a subscription based fan account. I thought, "Oh, I can just use this to upload behind the scenes pics and short clips and videos not quite long enough to sell on my main sites. " I didn't realize the money making potential this site had and ignored it. I made money off the subscriptions, uploaded extra photos and clips too hot for social media but not enough to sell, and I thought that was that! But I saw all of my other peers making thousands off of onlyfans, and considering I already had an established following I knew I was doing something wrong. So I tweek my page a bit and by the next month I went from barely making a couple hundred dollars to breaking over $1,000! In less than 3 months, I multiplied my earnings and now Onlyfans is my highest source of income.

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Really what changed was the way I used the site. This wasn't a site to just dump random content on. Onlyfans is designed like a social media site for a reason, and if you're strategic about the things you post and the way you interact with your fans, you too can increase your onlyfans income in no time at all.

To keep it simple and straight forward, here's a list of things I began doing on my onlyfans account that immediately made me more money.

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1. Sent out pay per views on a regular basis

This is one of the biggest money makers on the site besides subscriptions, yet it baffles me how many models don't use it! Even me at one point! You are missing out on almost 50% of your potential income or more by not sending out Pay-Per-View messages on a consistent basis. Your fans subscribed to YOU for a reason, they want to support you and you would be surprised at how many people might just unlock your messages. You can send full length videos, extra photos, or raunchier content you may not post on your timeline in your DMs. I send out PPVs multiple times every week and now it takes up over half of my monthly income from onlyfans.

2. Answered all messages daily

This one is more important than you think and goes back to how Onlyfans is built like a social media site. Your subscribers joined your site not only for content, but also for YOU! Answering your messages, even if you're just keeping it short and sweet, if the difference between keeping reoccuring subscribers or not. You want your subscribers to say! Not only that, money is hiding in your DMs. They "Hey What's Up" might turn into a "I was wondering if I could tip for an extra video, pics etc".

3. Promoted daily on social media

You are losing out on susbcribers if you are not regularly promoting your Onlyfans link. Not everyone is gonna click that link in your bio. Sometimes we don't wanna seem annoying or spammy but guess what, your peers who are posting their link every single day are getting new subscribers on a regular basis!

4. Updated my feed multiple times a week

This goes without saying but you should be updating your page regularly. Onlyfans has a go live feature, a story feature and a feed to post on so there's no excuse. Don't feel pressured to have a full on glam photoshoot for every post. A sexy mirror selfie or short clip goes a long way, and the more you update the more your subscribers will want to stick around month after month.

5. Added perks for my subscribers

Keeping subscribers is important, because your reoccuring subscribers becomes your passive income every month. If you can keep at least 50 subscribers at $10 each, that's a guaranteed $500 a month (before OnlyFans takes its cut). One way to keep subscribers is by offering perks that your fans can only get when they subscribe. This could be a free video every month, or you going live every week, the possibilities are endless. Get creative!

While I could go on and on about ways to increase your income, these were the first changes I made when I started making more money. For those looking for more advice or coaching, you can email me at for consulting prices. Fore FREE email consulting for a week, you can join Onlyfans using my referral link. <3 Happy $$$ making!



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