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Benefits of Bone Broth

I've discovered a new "superfood" that I love and it's bone broth! I first saw Kylie Jenner drinking it in one of her instagram stories, and was wondering why the odd choice for a morning drink. I learned that bone broth is FULL of collagen, a supplement I originally used to take for my dry skin and postpartum hair loss. I'm all for taking new supplements to boost my health, but if I could take it the natural way why not? I've discovered that this broth is the ideal way to start your morning, and now that I've began taking it I'm addicted to sipping the savory broth before I enjoy my breakfast and morning chai tea. I was skeptical at first but honestly it's so delicious and warm that I really look forward to it every morning. You can find bone broth in any soup aisle of your local grocery store, but my favorite is the Bare Bones Bone Broth from Whole Foods.

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Benefits of bone broth:

  • reduces wrinkles and signs of aging

  • hydrates dry skin

  • help improve disgestion

  • eases bloating and heal the gut

  • supports joint health

  • strengthens immune system

Best way to drink bone brother is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Simmer 6-8 oz in a pot of microwave a mug. This broth is savory and can be flavored with a squeeze of lemon or a pinch of cayenne pepper to taste.



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