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5 Steps to Becoming a UGC Creator

If you love showing off your favorite brands, creating content, and love aesthetics, then you NEED to pick up on this new side hustle blowing up that’s making some creators over $10k a month! UGC Creators are the new microinfluencers, minus the followers!

What is Ugc ?

UGC stands for User-Generated Content, and it’s self explanatory; it’s content created by consumers themselves. It is published on social media in the form of reviews, unboxing, and how to videos. It's aim is to be more organic and authentic than normal ad campaigns.

What's the difference between UGC Creators & Influencers?

Influencers are paid to post on their own pages to their following, while UGC creators are paid to create the content that brands post on their pages. UGC creators do not need a big following, and they are not required to post on their own page.

Have you ever come across a TikTok that’s made you wanna buy something? That’s the type of content UGC involves. Companies and brands are starting to catch on, that real testimonials from customers generate more sales than just having big time influencers tag their brand in a post.

How can I get started?

Nowadays anyone with a passion for trying new things snd creating fun content can generate as a content creator thanks to UGC! Here's 5 steps to you need to take to start getting paid as a UGC creator!

1. Study different examples of UGC

You can find a lot of examples of UGC in TikTok’s and Instagrams sponsored ads, but ALSO pay attention to the videos on your feed they make you say “I need that!”. From clothing try ons to skincare reviews, there's examples of UGC everywhere you look.

2. Practice shooting content

Before you dive in, get yourself used to creating content with products around your house you already love! Remember, UGC is supposed to be authentic, so there's no better places to start than with your own favorite products.

3. Build your portfolio on canva

While you don’t need a large social media following, or technically even social media at all, you do need a portfolio to showcase the content you can provide for brands. A portfolio is a necessity when becoming a UGC creator so that brands can see the quality of the content you make.

4. Build a list of brands to pitch to.

Don’t be shy. Think big. Think small. Think of your favorite brands. Think of brands you want to try. Write down brands you see in partnered ads. There's plenty of companies out there looking for content creators every day.

5.Pitch to as many brands a day as you can.

Create a general template for emails, but be sure to customize it for every brand you pitch to and send away! Statistically, the more emails you send the more likely you are to get a response.

Now go on, start your journey into financial freedom. And get a headstart with my templates, planners, and guides in the shop section of my site! Click here to shop!

My UGC tools are also available on ETSY & Gumroad!

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