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5 Crystals to Manifest Money and Wealth

Crystals have been used and adorned by humans since the beginning of time. Not only for their beauty, but also for their healing and magnetic properties. They are believed to help calm anxiety, boost your mood and even heal the ill, but have you ever thought about the benefits they could have on your wallet? Yes, you can definitely use the power of crystals to increase you bank account! You can meditate with them, place one in your purse, or even place one in the wealth corner of your home. When you want to manifest more money in your life, these are some must have crystals for doing just that!

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Fun fact: Citrine is known as the money stone, and for good reason. This stone is known to attract prosperity and wealth while also providing the motivation to work for that money! I keep this citrine sphere(link) at my work desk to maximize my income, and carry a raw stone(link) in my purse so that good luck and prosperity follow me always. Another fun fact about citrine? It radiates a constant energy and is said to never need charging!


Dey Designs Large Pyrite Chunk Fools Gold Specimen Pyrite is know as fools Gold but it’s definitely not for fools. This sparkly silver stone is one of abundance, so it’s the perfect stone to keep around your business or home to attract good luck and money.


Malachite Tumbled Stone by GYPSY PALACE This money green stone is perfect for attracting wealth and success. It can also protect you from negative energy and misfortune to lessen your chances of losing out on money. It enhances your creativity and personal growth, helping you to


The Jade crystal is known to bless whatever it touches. Not only does the Jade bring you luck but it can bring you abundance, opportunities, and is said to protect you from evil.

Clear Quartz

Quartz is an all purpose stone which makes it one of the most Powerful. You can literally just set your intentions within the stone to increase you bank account, or keep it next to one of the other stones listed to amplify its energy.



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