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How to Make Moon Water

Moon water is a great aid for magick. It’s a powerful tool used for manifestation, and can be incorporated into many different, spells and rituals. Moon water can be made under any phase of the moon, but it’s strongest under the full moon. It should also be noted that depending on what zodiac sign the moon is under could affect the energy of the water, so it’s important to label your moon water so you can use it accordingly.

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To create moon water, you will need

  • A jar and a lid (I love these mason jars from Amazon, but any glass jar should do!)

  • Filtered water or rainwater. Filtered water is preferred if you plan to ingest the moon water or use it topically

  • Water safe crystals (optional)

  • Sage or Insense (optional)

How to make moon water:

Label your jar and cleanse it with sage, or any method you use to cleanse materials.. Fill the jar with filtered water. You can also let the jar fill naturally with rain water, but this can take longer to do and will not be safe to ingest or used topically in the skin. You can also place a water safe crystal such as rose quartz in the jar of water to add extra intention.

After you’ve filled and closed the jar, leave it outside or on your windowsill. Even if you can’t see the moon, allowing the jar to face the outside will still let it absorb the moons energy. You will want to leave the jar overnight. In the morning your moon water is ready! You can use it in your beauty routine, in a spray bottle to cleans your home, in your tea and more! There’s dozens of ways to use you moon water and incorporate it into your daily magick. If you think of another use, go for it. Get creative and let your intuition guide you. 💫



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