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Different uses for Rosehip Oil

Ever wanted a go to beauty product, that can be used for every part of your beauty routine? Look know further than rosehip oil- also known as rosehip seed oil. This pressed seed oil has been valued for its healing properties since ancient times, and with its high level of essential fatty acids, it’s no questions the benefits this oil can have on you face, skin and hair. An all purpose oil loved by celebrities and skincare gurus alike, this is a must have in your skincare cabinet.

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I use rosehip oil in every part of my routine. It can easily be added to moisturizer, used by itself or used as a carrier oil for essential oils for extra benefits. From scar lightening to makeup removal, here are all the ways I use rosehip oil it my beauty routine. I like to opt for the pure oil rather than serums with it mixed in, and currently this rosehip oil from Amazon is my favorite right now.

  1. Face

Rosehip oil is an amazing oil to add into your facial routine. It can help reduce acne and acne scarring, boost collagen production, prevent wrinkles, reduce redness and keep the skin supple and moisturized. Here are all the different wsays I use this amazing oil on my face:

  • Moisturizer: A couple drops added to your moisturizer or sunscreen can add an extra level on hydration to your face. This oil absorbs nicely into the skin and leaves skin feeling super soft without leaving a greasy residue like other oils might.

  • Makeup remover: Use a nice sized amount on your face to help melt your makeup away. Using this oil before a makeup wipe or a warm towel will remove a full face of makeup with ease.

  • Nighttime moisturizer: A dime-sized amount spread all over your face before bed will have you waking up to a smooth and hydrated complexion. Use alone or under your regular night cream

2. Body

Rosehip oil is and ideal body moisturizing due to its high absorbancy and benefits. What I love about this oil is it glides on easily and leaves a natural glow on the skin without a greasy residue left behind.

  • Full body moisturizer: Rub this oil all over your body to soften and smooth your complexion.

  • Stretch mark & scar oil: massage over any scars or acne marks to smooth them out and fade discolorations.

  • Shaving oil

3. Hair

Using rosehip oil in your hair and scalp can help stimulate hair growth and revitlize damaged hair.

  • Hair mask: Massage this oil into your scalp and leave it inyour hair anywhere from 30 minutes to overnight before washing your hair to help stimulate strong and healthy hair growth.

  • Leave in conditioner: After washing hair rub a few drops of this oil through your hair and comb through the ends to hydrate strands and give your hair some extra shine. Depending on your hair type you really don't need more than a couple drops

As you can see this amazing oil plays an important role in my skincare and I love finding new ways to incorporate it into my beauty routine! By far it is one of (my favorite beauty products)(link and a staple in my cabinet. Let me know in the comments all the ways you use rosehip oil, I would love to hear them.



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