Crystals to Help You Survive Mercury Retrograde

Have you had a bout of bad luck lately? Maybe there’s some tension in your relationship, or work has been stressing you out more than normal. Mercury Retrograde could be to blame. This astrological event that takes place several times a year is certain to stir up some drama in your life.

Despite all the negative connotations with mercury retrograde, there are ways to reduce it effects on your life. One way is to utilize crystals to help balance your life and repel negative energy. Wear them, meditate with them or place them around your house and place of work to help get you through the retrograde.

Black Tourmaline Beeded Bracelet, Amazon

Black tourmaline - not only is black tourmaline a symbol of strength, it is said to help ground you and regulate emotions. It can help rid the mind of negative thoughts such as anger, anxiety and feelings of worthlessness.

Obsidian Crystal Necklace, Amazon

Obsidian- A powerful stone most known for its protections against negative energies and its healing properties

Flurorite Point, Amazon

Fluorite this stone which is perfect for establishing peace, harmony and balance in one’s life is a must have during a mercury retrograde.

Aquamarine Point, Etsy

Aquamarine has a calming energy that’s said to reduce stress and anxiety.