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6 Sites to Transition to from Onlyfans

I'm sure you've heard the news about Onlyfans banning porn from the site. Yes we all know, it sucks. The site has made many sex workers a lot of money, and for many it's the only site they use. But for those of us who'vve been in the industry for years, it's not the first time a platform found success off the backs of sex workers only to kick us off when they could no longer benefit from us. As a sex worker, you should ALWAYS diversify your income and have a backup plan. When you're successful on one site, it might seem like a waste of time to work on another site, especially if you're struggling to make the same income. But the same way you back up your pictures from your computer to a hard drive, is the same way you should be backing up your content on another paysite. The hardest part of transitioning to a site is waiting to get approved and the tedious work of uploading all your content. If you have all your content already uploaded, all you have to to do it update it the same time you update your main site. By establishing your presences on other sites, you may even start to pull in more income from there, so there's really no reason why you shouldn't.

This post contains affiliate links. If you use these links to buy something we may earn a commission. You may read our full disclaimer here. Thank you!

Making the transition

Before you begin transitioning, it's important to organize your content to make it easier to upload. Videos should be given titles and descriptions, and photos should be grouped together in sets and also given descriptions. It's important to note that majority of clip sites have a minimum video length (usually 1-2 minutes) and videos are much more popular than photos. Also if you haven't already, you should have model releases for all other performers in your clips. This is extremely important because these forms verify that the performers consented to the video and are over 18! Clip sites can ask you for these forms at any time, so be sure to fill out a 2257 form for yourself and anyone else in your videos and upload pictures of their IDs.

IWantClips has only been around for a few years but has immediately climbed to the top as one of the top clip sites. They take a 40% payout which may seem like a lot, but this has been pretty standard across clips sites before OnlyFans. You need 5 pieces of content to open your store. The site's layout looks like a store, so all of your content will be listed with its prices and organized by the categories you list them under. Not only that, every customer that buys from your store will be added to your customer list, and you can mass message them and even send them Pay Per View messages. You can sign up to their sister site IWantPhone, which will be listed on your profile and through there you can take pay-per-minute calls from customers. They have an awesome custom video page where a customer can order a custom, you can reject or deny the custom and you keep 100% of the money.


  • You make 100% of all custom videos made through the site

  • You can charge for phone calls through the site

  • you can send Pay Per View content through the messages.

  • you can upload both videos and photosets

  • pays out daily, bi weekly or monthly (daily payout charges 5% more)


  • This site is much more popular with Female Dominatrices, BDSM, and foot fetish content.

Clips4Sale is one of the oldest if not the first "Clip Store" sites. It became popular because of foot fetish content, but now has over 1000+ categories. One thing I've always loved about this site is that it generates all of its own traffic. You can make a lot of sales without stressing about promoting your store on social media. Clips4Sale requires 10 videos to start, and you also have the option of making a members site and a photo site (these aren't as popular but are options). I find that all fetishes and niches do well on Clips4Sale. You have a lot of freedom to customize your profile where you can add your email, links, amazon wishlist and more! They also take a 40% cut and pay out at the end of every month.


  • generates a lot of its own traffic so you don't have to worry about promoting as much

  • has lots of niche categories that do very well

  • customizable profile page


  • a lot of competition

  • frequent uploads do better

  • only pays out once a month

Clips4Sale recently created a sister site called LoyalFans. It works as a fansite like onlyfans, with the options of putting up a clip store as well. Customers also have the option of buying your individual posts for a set price rather than subscribing. You can go live, except video calls, and send mass messages as well. I trust this site a lot because it was made by Clips4Sale. They have a discover page so you have the opportunity to be discovered by customers on the site as well as referring your own customers.


  • similar fansite structure to Onlyfans

  • made by a trusted site

  • lots of different features and options to make money


  • still relatively new and gaining traffic

  • payouts once a month

Manyvids is another big clip store with a LOT of features to help you maximize your income. Besides being able to build a clip store, you can sell personal items like pictures or panties, you can create a fanclub option like onlyfans, you can post free videos to generate ad revenue , and you can go live! It has hundreds of categories and seems to be most popular with solo performers and camgirls, but as a Dominatrix I've always done very well on there.


  • lots of different features to make you money

  • already has a large customer base


  • more popular with porn stars

  • niches/fetishes aren't too popular but still have the potential to do well.

Sextpanther is a sexting site that charges per minute and per text for messaging with fans. The site connects to your phone so all the text messages and and phone calls go to your phone while also hiding your phone number. You can charge extra to send pictures and videos and to receive pictures and videos. They also have a feed you can post to and charge per post. And you have the option to send mass messages to clients.


  • explore feed to help promote yourself to customers

  • you can charge whatever for pic and videos

  • you can get paid to interact with customers directly from your phone


  • not big on content selling

  • need to be active to make income

AVNStars is a new site that combines the fanclub and clip store structure in one. It's becoming popular quickly with creators. Fans can follow you for free like a regular social media site, or subscribe to see exclusive posts from you. Both free and subscriber posts are in the same feed. Your page also has a clip store section where customers can browse and purchase directly from you. You can cash out whenever you hit $20.


  • customers can follow you for free like social media

  • has a clip store section

  • has a fan club option

  • allows you to link other websites


  • still gaining popularity

  • large FemDom presence

So there you have it! Stuck on which site to join? Join them all! Yes, I use all these sites. Some do better than other but they all add to my total monthly income. They all have different benefits and some customers just prefer one site over the other, which is why it's good to diversify your income. Most of the links posted are my referral links, so if you happen to join I would really appreciate it! You can contact me via if you joined through one of them for a week of free coaching and instagram promo to 200,000 followers! <3


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