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21 Money & Business Affirmations to Attract Wealth and Abundance

Did you know there's a way to rewire your brain to attract money and financial abundance? Sounds crazy right? Well, it's true. People all over the world are using the power of affirmations to manifest their wildest dreams. You can too use these money-making mantras to increase your bank account and lead you on the path to financial success.

What are Affirmations?

Affirmations are short sayings and mantras that you repeat to yourself. It might seem too good to be true, but the idea behind affirmation is the law of attraction. The law of attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts can actually draw positive or negative experiences into a persons life. I definitely believe in this. A positive mindset can lead to a motivated mindset. Motivation can make you get more done, accomplish your girls, therefore bringing you more success! Reciting these mantras can help you become more aware of your spending, help you discover new forms of income and save more money.

Reciting these affirmations has helped my business thrive, and helped me develop more passive income! I’ve saved money and managed it better. If you are having financial troubles, try adding these affirmations to your daily routine and see how it may influence your income!

21 Business and Money Affirmations to Increase Your Income and Make You Money

1. I make way more money than I could ever spend.

2. I make making money look fun and easy.

3. My businesses are flourishing and thriving.

4. I make money in my sleep.

5. Everyday I hustle and everyday I increase my wealth.

6. I love money. Money loves me.

7. I attract money now

8. I am very happy & grateful that money comes to me in increasing quantities from many sources on a continuous basis

9. I am receiving money now

10. I have more than enough money

11. I am willing, ready and able to receive money

12. I see abundance everywhere

13. I am a money magnet

14. I am grateful for what I already have and for all that I receive now.

15. Money now comes to me from unexpected sources & I am grateful

16. My income is growing higher and higher

17. I am a rich child of a loving universe

18. I have the power to attract money

19. Money flows to me easily

20. I am sensible with money and manage it wisely.

21. I allow my income to constantly expand and I always live in comfort and joy



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